Personalized Sterling Wire Bangle for Graduation 2018

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Personalized Sterling Wire Bangle for Graduation 2018

Elegant expandable sterling wire bangle bracelet featuring a sterling medallion with your school letters, a hand-made glass charm in your colors, and a sterling microcharm with your graduation year. Beautiful gift that wraps around your wrist showing off the pretty charms. An elegant gift for graduation. Gift box and bag included. Shipped in time for your Commencement ceremony. 

To personalize, 

  1. Enter: the name of your school (Amesbury High School, Boston University, Warwick Middle School)
  2. Enter: the name of your town and your state (we do this in case there are multiple schools like Notre Dame High School)
  3. Choose: the glass charm style you like. 
  4. Choose: the medallion style you like
  5. Enter: your graduation year (if different from 2018)

We will determine the right colors and initials for your school and create the personalized charms. 

Flexible sterling wire bangle bracelet is easy to put on as it expands to go over your wrist. Fits 5 1/2" to 7 1/2" wrists. Charms have sterling lobster claw clasps and just clip on the bracelet. Works with other expandable bracelets.  The hand-made glass charm and hand-stamped sterling medallions are all made at School Joolz studios in Amesbury, MA. 

Free shipping via USPS. Takes about a week once you order.