What a thoughtful big brother

Nov 11th 2016

The very thoughtful big brother

A couple of weeks ago during a cheer competition at Marlboro High, in the midst of all the cheerleaders coming up and oohing and aahing over all the cheer jewelry, a soft-spoken young man came up and looked at the cheer jewelry for Marlboro High school. Black and orange panther paws make for great looking jewelry! He looked at the keyring, expandable bracelet and sterling 'cape cod' bracelet. He asked how much the sterling bracelet was and when we told him $65 he looked a bit crestfallen.

At that point, one of the volunteers for the comp came up and we started talking and we realized the young man had a sister at the comp and he was working the concession stand. We then informed him that as a volunteer for the day he was eligible for a 20% discount. He brightened up considerably and said he was going to get the beautiful bracelet for his sister. (we mistakenly thought it was for a girlfriend!)

He came back a bit later with the cash and we boxed up the bracelet for him. He explained that his sister was into cheerleading and he was into video and computer games and he wanted to get this for his sister since he knew she would like it. He was so pleased he could do this for his sister and he walked away with a big smile on his face. What a lucky big sister!