Searched everywhere for 'cheerleader charm'

Posted by Gail Zona on Nov 1st 2016

Drove 'all over town' looking for a cheerleader charm

Last weekend at a cheerleading competition, I talked with a woman who had 'looked everywhere' for a cheerleader charm for her daughter. She called jewelry stores, went online, and visited several gift shops but couldn't find anything she liked. Out of desperation she ended up buying something with the school colors but it just wasn't right.

She said when she walked into the competition on Sunday and saw my booth set up with personalized cheerleader jewelry, her jaw dropped! She wished she had known about me before! She bought a bracelet for her daughter with her daughter's school, colors, graduating year and 'cheer' megaphone. And I helped her attach the little charm she had found as well. 'Nice gift', she said. 

So I decided it's time to start a blog in the hopes that when other people search online for cheerleader charms or cheerleader jewelry, they can find it instantly and not have to run all over town!

Here's a picture of my display set up at the show with the personalized jewelry for all the schools competing that day.