How did charms on bracelets even get started?

Oct 12th 2017

The wearing of charms began about 75,000 years ago in Africa as a way to ward off evil spirits or back luck. Shells, animal-bones and clay were the original materials, graduating later to gems, rocks and wood.

In ancient Egypt, charms began to be used for identification and as symbols of faith and luck. People in the Dark Ages wore charms to denote family origin as well as religious and political convictions. 

In more modern times, Queen Victoria started a fashion trend among European nobles for charm bracelets as she loved to both wear them and give them as gifts. Tiffany introduced their first charm bracelet in 1889—their signature link bracelet with a heart charm dangling from it. It’s still popular today, over 100 years later!!

The trend of using charm bracelets to record events started with the World War II soldiers returning home from the war with charms made by craftsman local to the area where they were stationed.

That evolved to teenagers and young women in the 50’s and 60’s collecting charms to mark life events, following the lead of stars like Elizabeth Taylor—see picture below of her bracelet commemorating the movie Cleopatra.

And then there’s today where charms with meaning have become all the rage from Alex & Ani style charms to hand-crafted ones like our cheer and sorority charms at School Joolz.

We have hand-made glass charms in several designs to bring your school, team or sorority colors to life as well as sterling medallion charms to show which school, team or sorority you belong to…much like the ancient people used charms. Who knows, maybe your School Joolz charms will bring you good luck!

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