Don't forget Mom and Dad!

Posted by Gail Zona on Oct 3rd 2017

I was at an AYC comp last weekend (for younger girls) and there were lots of parents (as usual) but more dads than I had seen before at the high school comps. So nice to see. 

As a girl growing up, my father was very supportive of my activities (which I really appreciated) and there is actual research done that says that girls whose fathers are supportive do better with their careers later. Who knew?!

But, the whole point of this is that one of the moms bought a bracelet for her daughter and also got a riveted keyring for her husband--aka the 'Cheer Dad'. When I designed the riveted keyring, I was thinking of male cheerleaders or coaches. Hadn't even considered cheer dads! But there you go. Always something new. 

I also sold a bracelet to a cheer Mom. She said she was getting it for her daughter and would give it to her 'eventually'. I had to smile at that one!

Here are the pictures of what they bought. What a nice way to show support for your cheerleader!