Can you add robots to mine?

Nov 29th 2016

Customized keychain for a senior at LSRHS

The microcharms are new this year and several people have added the gymnast microcharm or the dance shoes microcharm to their bracelets and keychains. But I had an unusual request from a girl who was in a robotics club at her school. She wanted her keychain to represent 'all the things that I do' at school. So she was a cheerleader (the medallion with LSRHS), she was in gymnastics (the gymnast microcharm) and she was in a robotics club. So I didn't have a robotics microcharm but we talked about doing something with gears or a wrench or something. Wasn't sure exactly what would work. I tried a bunch of different things but then I found this image and thought it would be appropriate. Kind of a cross between R2D2 from Star Wars and the Android robot. I hand-engraved it on a microcharm and it came out pretty authentic. Fun to make something very special. (and being a techno person anyway--in my day job--I felt a special kinship for the robotics request). See the image below. It made for a very special keyring!